9 ways to make a merry Christmas.

During this season of hustle and bustle, anything made from scratch is extra special. So we’ve created some fun projects that will let you make something thoughtful for your family, friends, and anyone else who would enjoy some holiday cheer. You can see all the crafts and recipes here, but below are some of our favorites.


1. Share some precious penguins.

These little guys are adorable to behold and sweet to eat.

View the recipe here.


2. Make salt dough for sweet ornaments.

You can never have too many Christmas tree decorations, and salt dough is a great way to add to anyone’s collection.

Here’s how it’s done.


3. Get fancy with napkins.

Yes, napkins are functional, but they don’t have to look that way. With a little fanciful folding, you can add a festive touch to your holiday table.  

O Christmas Tree | It’s Time to Shine


4. Give them something to smile about.

The cuteness factor on these sweet little cookies is off the chart. Prepare for exclamations of delight.

View the video.


5. Treat them to wreaths.

Use these Christmas crafts to decorate your own home, or share them with someone special.

Tied Up Christmas Wreath | Candy Cane Wreath

Christmas Card Wreath | Jingle Cork Mini Wreath


6. Don’t forget the doggies!

They celebrate Christmas, too! Give ’em something to chew on.

Bow-WOW. Bet they’ll love these.


7. Say “Season’s greetings” with style and soul.

Here are some creative cards that you can make with love. And bottle caps.

Get your glitter ready.


8. Butter them up.

These recipes—for Sugar Cookie Butter, Pumpkin Spiced Cashew Butter, and more—are so delicious that you may have trouble giving them away.

Spread the love: here’s how.


9. Put everyone in their place—with charm.

Here are two ideas for dining table seating cards that will delight everyone.

Reindeer Cork Seating Cards | Rosemary Seating Cards