Connect With Us, Every Which Way.

When you shop at Publix, you’ll notice that we love a little chitchat now and again. We might share a great recipe, ask how your family reunion turned out, or comment on a recent thrilling college game. That sort of thing.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve come to adore social media. It lets us have conversations with our customers pretty much all the time. Here are just some of the things we love to post about:

Connect With Us, Every Which Way

Recipes and meal inspiration.

You may not have a chef on staff, but we have a lot of them. Keep in touch and see what’s cooking.

Tasting events.

We love to share delicious foods in our stores: international cheeses, scooper duper ice creams, and recipes inspired by various holidays and times of year. Don’t miss out.

Entertaining ideas.

Whether you’re hosting a baby’s birthday party or a bachelorette bash, inspiration is always welcome. We have that.


We’re constantly having sales events and special promotions. If you want to keep on top of it all, follow us online.

Craft-tastic projects.

Turn soda bottles into a pencil tote. Fold napkins into fancy shapes. Learn to make something neat, and have fun.

What’s happening.

Maybe we’re introducing a new pie or pancake batter. Or the season calls for something special. We just love to share.

Talk to us.

We welcome feedback from our customers, both positive and the other kind. Also, we like to hear about your ideas and experiences regarding the enjoyment of food and entertaining, health and wellness, parenthood and pets, and more.

Follow us!

Here’s where you’ll find us. Hope to connect with you soon.

We have a lot going on here. Recipes, food hacks, sales, news, photos, contests… pretty much anything that we think you’ll appreciate.

Tweets are neat. We like to use them to reach out and share timely ideas that our customers will like. And also to reply to the many people who are tweeting about us and asking questions.

A picture is worth a peek, especially when it entertains, informs, or inspires you. You’ll love our feed for its tips and tricks, glimpses behind the scenes at Publix, and amazing appetite appeal.

We have bunches of boards we think you’ll love. Lots of recipes and celebration inspiration: birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day, and more.