Discover how we source our fresh flowers

At Publix, we think fresh is best when it comes to just about anything–and that doesn’t stop at our Floral department. We use the best growers, processes, and people to make sure that our blooms get from field, to store, to your hands as fresh as possible.

In addition to freshness, we’re also committed to fair trade and sustainability. The vast majority of our growers are members of the Rainforest Alliance, which means they are committed to sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and social equity. Our growers implement practices such as irrigating their plants with stormwater runoff, or using compost instead of fertilizer.

And we’re always looking to work with growers who are cultivating something a little different. Our exclusive relationships with these growers allow us to partner with them, help their businesses grow, and deliver something unique right to your neighborhood Publix. We listen to our customers, too. We hear what you want and are excited to bring the latest trends to your store. Flower deliveries arrive at stores five to seven days a week—so we’re constantly replenishing our displays with new varieties of fresh, beautiful flowers.

We bet now when you see the variety of fresh flower options in your store, you’ll think about all the caring hands that helped them get there. And if you’re looking for something extra special, find our Publix Premium Bouquets in-store. These blooms are larger than your typical flower, have more flowers per bouquet, and pack a visual punch. They’re the perfect bunch to pick up and brighten the day of a friend, coworker, or loved one.