Help your pet celebrate the summer safely.

At Publix, we treat your pets like members of the family. That’s why we have an aisle devoted to the food, toys, and supplies they need. With summer in full swing, we want to make sure your furry friends are kept safe during the heat and other situations the season can bring.


Keep Them Cool

keep them cool

Pets are more sensitive to heat than humans are, so it’s important to take the proper steps to keep them feeling cool. Keep plenty of water out for them at all times, and bring some along with you when out for walks. Never leave a pet alone in a car, even if you’ve cracked a window.


Provide Some Pupsicles

Provide Some Pupsicles

Publix wants to help you keep your furbabies as comfortable as possible, so we created some frozen treats for them to enjoy. Just label them very carefully!

Purr-fect Puff Pops for Cats:

  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • 1 long sliced carrot
  • 6-oz can of tuna in water

Mash the hard-boiled egg and put it into a bowl. Add honey, carrot, and tuna. Mix together and roll into marble-sized balls. Place the puffs in a sealed container and keep refrigerated until they turn into chilled pops. Then serve.

Peanut Butter Frozen Treats for Dogs:

  • 4 cups rice milk or vanilla yogurt
  • 1 medium mashed banana
  • 2 tablespoon honey
  • 2 tablespoons smooth peanut butter, without salt

Mix ingredients in a blender, then pour into paper cups or ice cube trays. Do not use ice pop sticks of any kind! Freeze for four hours or more. When ready to serve, tear off the paper cup or pop out of tray and place treats in a bowl.

Note: Some peanut butters and yogurt contain xylitol, an ingredient that is toxic to dogs. Always check the label before using in your recipe.

If your pet has a pre-existing medical condition, consult your veterinarian before adding a new food to its diet. Also, these recipes are for intermittent or supplemental feeding only and are not replacements for a complete or balanced diet.

Source: Banfield Pet Hospital, part of Mars Inc., “Pupsicles for Dogs.”


Limit Stressful Situations

Limit Stressful Situations

Nobody knows your pet better than you do. During summer events like family get-togethers or loud festivities like fireworks, some pets get anxious. When you’re at Publix, make sure to pick up comfort items such as treats, rawhides, or toys for your pet. You could consider putting your dog or cat in a safe space such as a bedroom or crate with soft bedding, and assign a person they trust to check in periodically to make sure they’re okay.


Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Prevent Fleas and Ticks

With warmer weather comes annoying little bugs like fleas and ticks. That, combined with the fact that your furbabies are outside more, means they’re at risk. Publix has a variety of prevention options, such as topical treatments or collars. In the event they are exposed, shampoos and combs are helpful. In extreme cases, you might want to consider cleaning methods or foggers.


Prepare for Adventure

Prepare for Adventure

When you hit the road this summer, it’s good to bring a little extra pet food in case your pups are feeling extra hungry from all the exploring. But not to worry, Publix has you covered with great deals on all their favorites, so you can stock everything you need for your next trip.

With these tips, your animals can eat, play, and sleep peacefully through the dog (and cat) days of summer!