Here’s the goal of our youth soccer sponsorship in Virginia.

The big reason is that soccer benefits boys and girls. Specifically, it…

Kids playing soccer
  1. Provides exercise.

    Take a look at a kid after soccer practice or a game, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

  2. Forges friendships.

    Playing on a team together means you depend on one another. You form strong bonds and make great memories. A lot of laughter happens.

  3. Builds character.

    People are depending on you. Your coach. Your teammates. Even your opposing team. Work hard, behave respectfully, play fair, and help carry the cooler.

  4. Encourages healthy eating.

    If you want to be at the top of your game, you have to eat right. Instant inspiration.

Kids playing soccer
  1. Instills good habits.

    The thing about all this aerobic exercise, methodical stretching, and nutritious eating is… it’s habit-forming. Once you know what it feels like to be in shape, you’re more likely to choose it as a way of life.

  2. Promotes teamwork.

    They don’t call them soccer teams for nothing. You have to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate. You have to pass the ball.

  3. Teaches good sportsmanship.

    Winning is great, but losing imparts some great life lessons, too. Introduction to humbleness. Golden Rule 101. No matter whether you win or lose, though, play your best. And remember that it’s only a game.

  4. Is downright fun.

    If you’ve ever jumped up and down on the sidelines or watched a ball leave your cleat and soar into a goal, you understand the pure thrill that this game delivers. Play on, kids.

Sponsoring youth soccer is just one of the ways Publix gives back to our community.

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