Scary-good recipes, crafts, decor, and more.

You have your costume, and now you can focus on the treats and festive table-toppers. Here are eight kid-friendly DIY treats and projects to make sure your Halloween is extra spooky this year.

Eight Creepy, Crafty Halloween Ideas

1. Jar-o’-Lantern
Upcycle your spaghetti sauce or mason jars and turn them into adorably spooky Halloween-themed vases. Use paint, markers, and your own creative touch.


2. Bat Wings
Trick or treat your Halloween party guests with these festive Bat Wings, created just for you by our Aprons chefs.

Bat Wings

3. Candle Corn
Light up the night with these DIY candles made with melted crayons. They look almost good enough to eat.

Candle Corn

4. Pile of Bones
This sweet-and-salty snack is to die for. The recipe only takes four ingredients, and it’s easy to double or triple for big bashes.

Pile of Bones

5. Ghost Pops
You’ll be the talk of the block when you hand out these giftable ghoul treats. But be sure to save a couple to stash in school lunches.

Ghost Pops

6. Witches’ Brooms
You’ll have best-host award in the bag with DIY witches’ brooms using simple supplies you might already have at home.

Witches’ Brooms

7. Friendly Eyeballs
Stir up a festive non-alcoholic drink made with apple cider and sparkling white grape juice, and garnished with grapes for eyes.

Friendly Eyeballs

8. Witches’ Fingers
Lure party guests with these delicious and savory starters. They’re sure to liven up any party.

Witches’ Fingers

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Stop into your Publix for all the supplies and ingredients you’ll need to have a creepy, crafty, and delicious Halloween.