Straight As? More like straight Mmms.

No matter what grade they’re in, the first day back at school is always an occasion to celebrate. Make the new school year extra special with some fun new ideas that could turn into your favorite tradition.

School Supplies Scavenger Hunt

School Supplies Scavenger Hunt

Create a mini scavenger hunt for preschool or kindergarten students to find all their school supplies! Write notes with clues to where things are hidden, and follow your child with a camera to capture their pure delight when they find their new markers and notebooks. Throw in a snack for all their hard work, like Beary Good Snack Mix.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Pudding

School Year’s Eve Resolutions

The night before school starts, gather as a family to share your resolutions. Your kids might resolve to do homework before watching TV, or to keep their desks at school tidy. If you don’t already, you can resolve to add more fruits and vegetables to your recipes, such as in this Dairy-Free Chocolate Pudding. It has the chocolatey deliciousness that kids expect, but it’s made with avocado and banana.

Happy 1st Day of School! Note from Dad.

Lunch Box Love Notes

Give them a daily reminder of your love with little notes in their lunch box. Get creative with poems, quotes, or encouragement on that spelling quiz. Underneath the note, give them a lunch they’ll love like Hummus Roll-Ups. They’re easy to make and easier to eat.

Malted Pretzel Brittle snacks

Sneaky Snacks

Start off the school year with a backpack snack! This Malted Pretzel Brittle is a sweet-and-salty mix of deliciousness that you can slip into their bags for a first-day surprise. You can even do sneaky snacks on big events throughout the school year, like picture day or field trips.

Beef Shepherd's Pie

Home-Cooked Customs

Create a new first-day tradition with a hearty home-cooked meal like Beef Shepherd’s Pie. The kids can share stories and anecdotes about their new teachers or classmates.

Whether you’re making a new tradition or putting a twist on an old one, these recipes help students—and their taste buds—ring in the new school year. For even more ideas, check out our Back to School Pinterest page!