Influential food figures and ideas to honor them.

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Join Publix as we celebrate Black History Month and the many contributions African Americans have made to the foods we grow and eat.   George Washington Carver Scientist and educator George Washington Carver is often credited with saving agriculture in the South by convincing farmers to rotate cotton with soil-enriching crops like peanuts and soybeans. … Read More

Special surprises for everyone in your life.

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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate everyone we love and care about. It’s a chance to show gratitude not only to our significant others, but also to everyone we’re grateful for in our lives: family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even our pets! Whether you’re the plan-ahead-and-bake-a-special-treat type or the last-minute-pick-up-flowers-after-work kind of shopper, Publix … Read More

Mardi Gras recipes sure to make you dance.

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At Publix, we love a good celebration, especially if there’s food involved. And when it comes to celebrations involving food, Mardi Gras is king! But Fat Tuesday is more than just the traditional parades you might be imagining. In fact, the first American Mardi Gras celebration began in Mobile, Alabama, and is more centered on … Read More