Getting social should always include chocolate.

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One of the great joys of summer is eating cold ice cream on a hot day. Impress friends and family with an ice cream social that introduces one of the sweetest, most chocolatey confections they’ve had in a while: GreenWise Organic Chocolate Truffle ice cream. It has swirls of organic chocolatey sauce and fudge truffles … Read More

Get something good on the grill

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When the weather starts heating up, so do the grills! This year, get a good start on the grilling season by making some simple swaps with GreenWise meats. All our GreenWise meats are USDA-regulated, fed 100 percent vegetarian diets, and raised without antibiotics. We’ve gathered a few recipes to inspire you not only to feel … Read More

Explore new recipes to start the new year off right.

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Start the new year off right by making better food choices and trying new recipes, using our GreenWise chicken. We air-chill our GreenWise chicken for optimal taste and texture. The process eliminates water absorption, resulting in chicken that’s tender and juicy. Plus, our chickens are fed a vegetarian diet and raised with no antibiotics ever. … Read More

Grab a spoon and serve up a sweet treat.

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The simple things in life are really some of the best things: spending time with friends and family, cooking delicious meals together, sending handwritten cards, and, of course, eating ice cream. That’s why we created a line of GreenWise ice cream flavors that are not only amazingly flavorful, but also simple. A handful of simple … Read More