A Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Rhyme

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We got so excited about St. Patrick’s Day—all the green, the food, the games and decorations—that the only way we felt we could express our enthusiasm properly was through a poem. Plan yourself a St. Patrick’s Day party, And cook recipes that are rich and hearty. Leprechaun Hat S’mores sure to make you smile, And … Read More

Toast your host using these tips.

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Hosting a holiday party is an art form. It’s the ultimate trifecta of coordination, organization, and creativity during one of the busiest times of the year. Party planners are superheroes. So when you are the guest, we can help you show just the sort of appreciation your party host will love. Here are a few … Read More

Scary-good recipes, crafts, decor, and more.

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You have your costume, and now you can focus on the treats and festive table-toppers. Here are eight kid-friendly DIY treats and projects to make sure your Halloween is extra spooky this year. Eight Creepy, Crafty Halloween Ideas 1. Jar-o’-Lantern Upcycle your spaghetti sauce or mason jars and turn them into adorably spooky Halloween-themed vases. … Read More

Take a bite out of these seasonal apple recipes.

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All year long, you can find apples at Publix. Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Gala, and more. All the sweet and tart varieties you love are available in-store. But to truly experience what peak-of-season flavor tastes like, you’ll want to stock up during October. That’s when these apples are really at their most delicious. They’re grown … Read More

What’ll it be: red or white?

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Every time we move into a new region, we like to get familiar with the area and all it has to offer. So when we opened in the commonwealth of Virginia, we knew we hit the jackpot with something extra special: wine! With nearly 300 wineries stretching across the state—from the waters of the Chesapeake … Read More