The best berries come from the best relationships.

How does Publix manage to get the sweetest, plumpest ruby-red Florida strawberries delivered to all of our stores so fresh from the field?

Well, since 1930, we’ve been working closely with growers and nurturing our relationships with them. So when it’s time for, say, Florida strawberries to be at the peak of their season, when Plant City is hosting the Florida Strawberry Festival and reinforcing its title as “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World,” our growers are ready to help us out. They’re set to step up and get us the very finest strawberries from their crops, so we can offer them to you. So that when you walk by those fresh, in-season strawberries in the Publix Produce department, you’re hit with their amazing aroma. And when you slice them for your shortcake, you can’t help but eat a few as you work.

Here’s a peek into the provenance of our winter strawberries:

It doesn’t stop with strawberries.
Though Publix sources produce from wherever it’s most delicious, we’re constantly working to identify the best farms that are closest to our stores. So we’re often able to get terrific peaches from Georgia, chili peppers from the Carolinas, zucchini from Tennessee—and all sorts of other fabulous fruits and vegetables that we find in the Southeast.

New markets mean new opportunities.
Publix’s newest markets happen to be in regions that grow a smorgasbord of fine fruits and vegetables. And you can be sure that we’re working to forge relationships with growers all around our new stores, so that whenever possible, we can include delicious regional selections in our Produce department.

Hungry for your neighborhood Publix to open now? Hang in there!