Toast your host using these tips.

Hosting a holiday party is an art form. It’s the ultimate trifecta of coordination, organization, and creativity during one of the busiest times of the year. Party planners are superheroes. So when you are the guest, we can help you show just the sort of appreciation your party host will love.

Here are a few helpful tips on how you can be the best holiday party guest this year (and climb to the top of the invite list).

1. Preslice your cheese and bread:
If you offered to bring cheese and crackers or a loaf of Bakery bread, do your host a favor and slice everything up before you leave the house. That’s just one more task the host isn’t responsible for. We think you’ll love our Italian Five-Grain, White Mountain, or French bread varieties.

2. Bring two bottles of wine:
Bring your favorite wine to share with the group, then leave one behind for the host and family to enjoy throughout the holiday season. Bonus points if you can get the wine BOGO.

3. Sweeten the party with dessert:
Holiday hosts need all the help they can get. So why not offer to bring dessert? Just pop into the Publix Bakery and pick one up on your way to the party.

4. Ask about dietary needs ahead of time:
Be sensitive to your host’s guest list and ask if there are any dietary sensitivities you should be aware of before you bring a dish. That way, everyone at the party has something to nibble on.

5. Brighten things up with a centerpiece:
A beautiful bouquet of flowers can double as a gift when left behind after the party is over. Any time of year is the perfect time for flowers. Stop in to your Publix to pick out the perfect bunch.

6. Offer to clear:
You know how hard a host works at the beginning of a party, so lend a hand at the end and offer to clear or package up the leftovers.

Happy celebrating!