We’re off and running in Virginia.

We haven’t opened our Publix stores in the Commonwealth just yet, but we’re good and ready to pitch in and be an active part of your community. Sponsoring the Anthem Richmond Marathon seemed like a great way to get going.

With its beautiful course that meanders through Richmond’s historic, scenic neighborhoods and over and along the James River, this race is famously fun. (Runner’s World even dubbed it “America’s friendliest marathon.”) We love events like this one—happenings that bring people together for good times, that promote exercise and healthfulness. The Anthem Richmond Marathon features live bands, DJs, and a riverfront post-race party. It’s a terrific time for runners and spectators alike. We can’t wait.

Whether you’re running or cheering on someone who is, we hope we’ll see you at the Anthem Richmond Marathon. We’ll be sharing goodies and saying hello to our new neighbors. Who knows—a few of us might even be running.

Whether you’re training for the full 26.2 or the 13.1, or you have some other exercise routine entirely, the following are some good tips from our Publix dietitians about refueling after exercise.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And hydrate. To bounce back after a strenuous run or workout (whew!), you want to replace all of the fluid you’ve lost while exerting yourself. A tasty sports drink can help you drink more—and retain more—fluid. You can also eat watery foods like soup, fruits, and vegetables to help rehydrate your body.

Get back that glycogen. Replacing muscle glycogen (stored energy) in your liver and muscles is important for recovery from training. Research shows that the window of opportunity for optimal muscle glycogen replenishment is within 15 to 30 minutes after exercise. Along with carbohydrates, it may be beneficial to consume protein to help build and repair muscle tissue. Several different carbohydrate-to-protein ratios have been suggested, including 2:1, 3:1, or 4:1. Some good choices for such ratios include commercial recovery drinks, chocolate milk, yogurt and fruit, cereal with milk, and a smoothie with whey protein and fruit.

When your neighborhood Publix opens (yay for that day!), we’ll be happy to supply you with foods and drinks to aid your running, or power-walking, or rugby, or competitive tap-dancing, or whatever your workout routine may entail. We even have Better Choice shelf tags to make it a cinch to spot optimal products among various food categories. You’ll see. For now, just keep up with that exercise regimen.