You could get used to this.

There’s a lot to love about Publix. But you may not experience all of it the first time you visit us. It’s a cumulative thing: Maybe we build you an amazing sub on one visit, and present you with a perfectly custom-decorated cake on another. Every shopping trip is unique, after all; and at Publix, it’s uniquely pleasant.

On the other hand, there are some Publix services and advantages that you’ll probably come to appreciate on a regular basis. For example:

Cookies for the kiddos. We love all our customers, especially the little ones. When we open in your neighborhood, you’ll have to stop by our Bakery and ask for a free cookie for the kids. It’s our treat.

Shiny. Spotless. Stocked. As you stroll down our aisles, you may notice that they feel wider. Look cleaner. Seem tidier. And just feel nicer than a regular grocery store. That’s not your imagination. We work hard to keep our stores in tip-top shape. Because we know that’s a big part of making shopping a pleasure, too.

Right this way. Where’s the cardamom? What’s arugula? Do you have organic ice cream? These are just some of the questions we get asked. And we usually know the answer, or will find someone who does. As employee-owners, we take great pride in knowing the ins and outs of our store and everything we carry. And we don’t mind taking a little walk to show you where we keep the spices. There’s the cardamom. And arugula is that peppery lettuce right there. And follow me this way to our own GreenWise organic ice cream.

Smiles for miles. We’re not talking about forced grins, here. We’re talking about sincerely friendly dispositions—nice folks giving you warm greetings. Offering to help you. Giving you cooking tips. Slicing your Deli meats and cheeses just the way you like them. Bagging your groceries efficiently and carefully. Going above and beyond. That’s just the way it is here.

No tipping, please! As a courtesy, we always offer to take your groceries to your car. No matter if it’s just a light bag of potato chips and some sunscreen, or a whole cart filled with bottled water and Idaho potatoes, it’s our pleasure to help you out.