Give her the perfect day she deserves

We call it Mother’s Day, but really, it’s so much more than that. It’s a day to show how much you care for any woman lucky enough to be called “Mom.” Whether she raised you, your kids, your significant other, or even your own parents, let’s do something a little extra special for her. Here are just a few ways to create a memorable day through food, flowers, and other tokens of appreciation.

For the Sentimental Mom

She’s the type of mom who saved every school project and report card from kindergarten through college, so she’ll love anything you give her. A bouquet of roses or tulips is a sweet choice. Then make her a nice brunch of Strawberry Banana Crepes and coffee. While you’re eating, tell her your favorite memory of the two of you together and why you’re grateful for her every day. Finally, get her a nice card that will go in the box with the rest of her keepsakes.

Sentimental Mom
Strawberry Banana Crepes

For the Proud Grandma

Nana, Mamaw, Abuela… she doesn’t care what you call her, as long as you call her more often. She’s always spoiled you, so it’s time to spoil her right back. Try a traditional bouquet with a vase that she can reuse later. But more than anything, she’ll appreciate a home-cooked meal. Try this Publix Aprons recipe for Eggs Benedict with Sautéed Hash Browns, and maybe she’ll even share her secret for the perfect poached egg. She’ll want to show off whatever greeting card you give her, so pick something intricate and mantle-worthy.

Eggs Benedict with Sautéed Hash Browns
Proud Grandma

For the New Mom

Let’s face it, this mom is probably exhausted. Her number one wish is to sleep in. Do her a favor and take the reins when it comes to the early-rising kids and pets. Once she wakes up, she’ll want to spend the day with her little ones, so whip up something for breakfast you can all enjoy, like PBJ French Toast. Try flowers that are sweet and colorful, plus a homemade card (even if it is signed with scribbles). To top it all off, treat her to a gift card she can use for a much-needed night out of the house.

New Mom
PBJ French Toast

For the Mother Figure

Whether it’s a stepmother, mother-in-law, or even an aunt, your mother figure is an important part of your life. Try simple flowers with soft colors and subtle fragrances. If you’re feeling indecisive, an associate in the Floral department can help you pick the perfect bouquet. For brunch, whip up a Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich, which looks just as impressive as it tastes. Finally, you can never go wrong with a gift card to a place she loves to shop! (Hint, hint: Publix.)

Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich
Mother Figure