Have a Happy New Year, Southern style.

If you’re from the South, you know that starting off the new year right requires four things: pork, black-eyed peas, greens, and corn bread. We’ve created some recipes that are slightly new interpretations of the old traditions. We think you’ll find them all delicious, and we hope they bring you lots of good things in the year to come.

Pork is the pick for the new year.

Pork represents health, prosperity, and progress. The “progress” part seems to be rooted in the fact that a pig is physically unable to look back over its shoulder, so it is always facing forward. In the South, the traditional New Year’s dish is hog jowls, but we opted for center-cut loin in this flavorful dish.

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Legumes for luck and greens for greenbacks.

Our Good Luck Salad incorporates two traditional Southern New Year’s foods: black-eyed peas and greens, with delicious results.

Black-eyed peas are not actually peas, but beans, and their association with New Year’s Day goes back a long way. Some say you need to eat exactly 365 black-eyed peas to ensure good luck for every day of the upcoming year; others believe you need to exceed that quantity. We’ll let you decide.

New Year’s greens in the South are traditionally cooked collards or cabbage (and cabbage is part of our pork recipe above), but we decided to incorporate some fresh baby spinach leaves in this delicious salad. The green color is supposed to symbolize both new beginnings and that thing so often wished for: money.

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Go for the gold: corn bread.

Like the aforementioned greens, corn bread is supposed to bring wealth in the upcoming year, since its yellow color is reminiscent of gold. For best results, you probably want to enjoy both greens and corn bread. At the very least, you’ll enjoy some wonderful flavors.

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Whatever you decide to eat on New Year’s Day, all of us at Publix hope you have a wonderful holiday, and that your new year is filled with goodness.