Sustainability You Can See

Green isn’t just our color, it’s our commitment. Our mission challenges us to be responsible citizens and meet today’s needs while being careful not to compromise what’s essential for tomorrow. We constantly examine our own processes in stores, warehouses, and offices, looking to improve the way we do things. But you might be wondering, what exactly have we done? How is Publix going green?

Keeping Cooling Efficient
Our investments in improving refrigeration and air conditioning systems in our stores have reduced energy usage, saving us the following:
  • 29,000 kWh saved annually per store by using high-efficiency fan motors in back room freezers.
  • Up to 136,000 kWh saved annually per store by putting doors on traditionally open refrigerated cases.


Lighting the Way to Sustainability
We have replaced all of our walk-in freezer lighting with LEDs. This results in a fifty to eighty percent reduction in energy usage over traditional incandescent lights.


Recycle Where You Shop
Publix offers our customers recycling of paper and plastic bags at all of our retail locations—just look for the green bins at each Publix store. Customers can drop off any brand paper or plastic shopping bag for recycling, and they can also recycle plastic sleeves from dry cleaning and newspapers. Just remember, everything needs to be clean and dry.


It’s Simple to Shop Local
As part of our sustainability promise, we are committed not only to protecting the environment, but also the people and local businesses who help our communities thrive. Items with a local label on them have been grown, harvested, or manufactured right in the state in which they are sold. This gives our customers a chance to support their local economy while helping to reduce the carbon footprint incurred from transportation of products.


Reducing Plastic with Reusable Bags
Our initiatives to reduce the use of paper and plastic grocery bags include:
  • Training our front-service clerks on proper bagging techniques.
  • Bag reduction goals for every store.
  • Encouraging the use of reusable bags.

Forty-four million reusable bags have been distributed since 2007. Head over to our sustainability site to see how many paper and plastic bags have been saved.

Not only can you love shopping at Publix, you can feel good about it, too. Visit our digital storefront to learn even more about how there’s good in every aisle.