Talk about “other fish in the sea!”

Talk about "other fish in the sea"!

At Publix, we love all kinds of seafood. And when you visit our Seafood department, you’ll see an impressive variety of fresh, never-frozen fish to choose from. But there’s much more than meets the eye. That’s because Publix can source up to eighty different kinds of fresh fish upon request.

Simply speak with one of our friendly associates to find out what’s in season, make your selection, and the fish you’re wishing for should arrive at your store within a couple of days.

Our selection is seriously impressive: We offer six kinds of grouper. Ten kinds of snapper. Bluefish. Redfish. Monkfish. Rockfish.

Our Seafood associates can also give you good advice about which fish will work best in various recipes and preparations. We want you to love your meal—no matter which of our fresh fish varieties you decide to go with.