We are where we are today because of Mr. George

Our founder, George Jenkins – or “Mr. George” as he was affectionately known – built Publix on an important set of values. Not only do they inform how we operate as a business, but they are the pillars we stand on when it comes to how we treat our customers, our communities, and each other. His legacy lives on through these six values, as well as through the ideas and words he left behind.

Invest in Others

1. Invest In Others:

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my career is no man puts together an organization on his own.”

Investing time and resources into our associates, building and maintaining relationships, and keeping communication open are things that make Publix more like a family. Each day that we choose to champion each other’s efforts, we’re carrying on this lesson from Mr. George.

2. Give Back:

Late in his life, the question was posed to him, “If you hadn’t given away so much, how much do you think you’d be worth today?” His response was without hesitation. “Probably nothing.”

Mr. George’s philosophy on giving was to simply give, without receiving anything in return. He gave quietly, often anonymously, and without any thought of recognition. His example continues to inspire us as we participate in community events and partner with charities.

3. Prepare For Opportunity:

“Success is doing what you like—and doing it well.”

Everyone has something they love to do, and Mr. George encouraged his employees to go after their passions, pursue new opportunities, and help out along the way.

Be there

4. Be There:

“Publix will be a little better place, or not quite as good, because of you.”

Mr. George believed that it wasn’t just one person who made Publix a great place to work and shop, but the responsibility of every associate. We will truly achieve success when each of us makes an effort to make Publix a better place.

5. Respect The Dignity Of The Individual:

“If you want people to respect you or your company, you must first show respect for them.”

When Mr. George founded Publix, he vowed to give everyone a voice and leave the doors of communication open. The respect he showed – and inspired his associates to show – is reflected in the service provided every day across all our stores.

6. Treat Customers Like Royalty:

“The aim is to learn all you can about the business to do the best you can for the customer.”

We’ve learned that treating customers like royalty leads to loyalty. And Mr. George continually sought out ways to show appreciation for each customer, making them feel valued and important, whether that was through store and product presentation or personal service.

Take an even closer look at how we are carrying on Mr. George’s legacy each day.