With In-Store Pickup, easy does it.

Even if your neighborhood Publix hasn’t opened yet, we want to tell you about something you should look forward to. In-Store Pickup lets you use your computer, phone, or tablet to tell us exactly what you want, and when you want it. We’ll get your order ready so that all you have to do is swing by the store to pick it up and head for checkout.

What can we make for you?

You can use In-Store Pickup to request all sorts of goodies from your Publix.

  • Your favorite Publix Deli sub or wrap.

    Tell us what you’re craving and what time you’d like to pick it up, and you can grab it from our Deli to-go case—no waiting necessary.

  • Deli meats and cheese.

    Indicate what you want, how much you need, and exactly how you’d like it sliced. Then pick it up from the to-go case at the time you specify.

  • Hundreds of platter varieties.

    Seafood platters. Bakery platters. Deli platters. Platters for kids. Big and small, you can order ’em all at your convenience. (Please allow 24 hours.)

  • The perfect cake.

    Maybe you want one of our gorgeous Decadent Dessert cakes. Or you want to order the perfect decorated cake to celebrate someone’s birthday. Or half birthday. Or Arbor Day. Order online, pick up in the Bakery, and live happily ever after. (Again with the 24 hours’ notice, please.)

  • Boxed meals.

    This is a handy option for a board meeting or beach outing. Just order 24 hours in advance and congratulate yourself on your planning prowess.

Extra easy: Use the Publix app.

Sure, you can go to publix.com/order anytime, but our app for your phone or tablet can take you to In-Store Pickup in just a tap or two.

Oh, here’s a nifty feature.

We predict you’ll soon have one or more favorite go-to subs or wraps from the Publix Deli. The perfect ingredients, on the perfect kind of bread. Well, In-Store Pickup lets you save your favorite orders with your Club Publix. So on a day when you’re ravenous and rushed, you can place your order in seconds.

Do you have a Club Publix account?

It’s a cinch to sign up, and it lets you do all sorts of great things—including In-Sore Pickup. So take a few milliseconds, and prepare for good things.